AfriCourage is Coming!!!

#OMF2019 brings you the extended OpenMicFest and with it, AfriCourage.

AfriCourage is a project designed by the Goethe-Institut to support culture and the relevance of music in the social and political environment in West Africa. It could be best described as a wave bringing into the Smiling Coast, a planeload of journalists and broadcasters from member institutions of the European Broadcasting Union, musicians, performing artistes, sound technicians and culture enthusiasts.

The OpenMicFest/AfriCourage expansion is a collaborative exchange between Black Lynx Entertainment, local organizers of the OpenMicFest for the past 11 years; The Goethe-Institut Senegal and The European Broadcasting Union with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) as the main broadcaster of the festival. It also provides access for our artistes to exploit the opportunities yielded by the exchange to perform for and reach audiences outside of their immediate Gambian fanbase, an opportunity most Gambian artistes have not experienced.

The AfriCourage project enables transcontinental media exposure and enhances the awareness of cultural values. It also seeks to strengthen cultural relations between young African musical protagonists by building a bridge of understanding and respect between African youth and the European media, enabling extensive media coverage.

In addition to the festival, AfriCourage shall include hands-on training in sound engineering, workshops on radio and print journalism, international networking and mentoring, sharing of experiences and knowledge transfer for cultural activists.

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