#OMF2020 – The ‘Unusual’ Season

An unusual year has taken the world through very unusual circumstances. Most of what we regarded as ‘normal’ no longer is. What is important is to not allow ourselves to be subdued by the situation but rather find ways of working around it until such time ‘normal’ becomes normal again.

To this we say expect no less than ‘unusual’ for the 13th annual OpenMicFest (#OMF2020). Scheduled for December 2020, it is highly likely that you will not be able to physically experience the mass-gathering live event given the unclear timeframe of the pandemic which sadly, as predicted is recurring in waves around the world.

With these factors at play, the organizing committee for #OMF2020 after having held consultations with various stakeholders, intend to remodel this year’s production and take you through a virtual experience which in spite of the unusual situation, is expected to enrich and elevate your vibe.

So! Expect the 13th OpenMicFest #OMF2020 experience to be “different yet fulfilling“. Stay tuned for more information.

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