Founded in 2005, Black Lynx Entertainment spearheaded the music renaissance in The Gambia through the introduction of platforms on radio, television and live events .

Prior to our appearance in the local scene, young artistes in The Gambia did not have a recognizable platform to amplify their voices using their music. Local radio and television were hardly broadcasting any local music and live events featuring local performers were infrequent. Black Lynx Entertainment was borne out of need to fill that void and give young people something to aspire to.

Fast forward to now, The Gambia now has an entire generation of young independent artistes earning decent livelihoods and making their voices heard. A few of them have begun selling out stadiums and touring internationally because of the pioneering contributions and exposure availed to them by our platforms, notably the Black Lynx organized monthly Open Mics, Fiila TV and our flagship event, the annual OpenMicFest.